Pure Thai sauces is a family run business hoping to share their Thai culinary heritage and experience with the community .

Coming from a rich gastronomic and hospitality background the family team pride themselves in using fresh local ingredients when they can  supporting local growers,  and working closely with suppliers and local food purveyors to produce quality sauces that give the authentic Thai taste.

Our Range

Why Pure Thai Sauces


With having two chefs in our family and our knowledge of Thai food. We decided to bring the true taste of Thailand to our home town of Bangor country Down and beyond.

UK & Ireland Produce

Winning combination of great Thai taste and great produce of Sea and land Uk and Ireland.

Fresh Food is So Important

With a background of living in Thailand and seeing how important fresh food is so important. We wanted a true taste of Thailand. So we set out on our journey to make my wife who is Thai family’s recipes for our 4 Thai sauces.

Seafood & Sauces

Living in Asia which consumes large amounts fish and seafood and use seafood sauces for cooking and dipping . I would love to see more seafood being consumed on our islands.

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